La Guerre (cover)

“War takes place only every twenty-five years. Isn’t she beautiful.”

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The cover
Typography by Françoise Taylor, August 1945
Actual size: 392mm high x 292mm wide

Pointes Sèches Sur La Guerre‘ is a series of thirteen drypoints Françoise produced depicting the deprivations of war in Belgium under German occupation which she experienced first-hand as a young female artist working in what effectively became a war zone. A complete set, together with ‘proofs’, is in the permanent collection at The Whitworth Gallery in Manchester.

The pictures are titled: Exode Mai 1940, Files, Smokkelage, Déportations de Travailleurs, Enfants, Animaux, Devastation des Bois, Nuits, Bombardement des Gares, V1, Ardennes Noël 44, Ceux qui Restent Seules, Prières.

The photo shows Françoise in a field during an allied air raid over Belgium in 1945. An estimated 1.5 million Belgians were displaced by the German occupation.

From selected engravings and etchings

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