Les Centaures

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Etching by Françoise Taylor, circa 1945
Actual size: 198mm high x 246mm wide

For the poem ‘The Centaurs’ by the Irish writer James Stephens, probably published in 1914.

Playing upon the hill three centaurs were!
They lifted each a hoof! They stared at me
And stamped the dust!

They stamped the dust! They snuffed upon the air!
And all their movements had the fierce glee
Of power, and pride, and lust!

Of power and pride and lust! Then, with a shout,
They tossed their heads, and wheeled, and galloped round,
In furious brotherhood!

In furious brotherhood! Around, about,
They charged, they swerved, they leaped! Then, bound on bound,
They raced into the wood!

From selected engravings and etchings

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