Albert et Isabelle (from Vingt Belges)

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Drawing by Françoise Taylor, 1944
 Actual size: 416mm high x 283mm wide 

One of a series of 20 portraits of characters from the history of Belgium: Indutiomar, Clovis, Hubert d’Ardenne, Charles le Grand, Les Frères Aymon, Jacques Van Artevelde, Jean Froissart, Philippe Le Bon, Marie de Bourgogne, Charles Le Quint, Thyl Ulenspiegel, Lamoral d’Egmont, Philippe de Hornes, André Vesale, Albert et Isabelle (this page), Gerard Mercator, Roland de Lassus, Modeste Grétry, Damien de Molokai, Jean Vincent, Désiré Joseph Mercier.

Albert and Isabelle (Isabella) were not actually Belgian. Albert was the Archduke of Austria for a few months in 1619 and jointly with his wife, Isabella Clara Eugenia, sovereign of the Habsburg Netherlands between 1598 and 1621. The Habsburg Netherlands covered the whole of the Low Countries including present-day Belgium.

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