Illustrations for Le Morte d'Arthur

By Françoise Taylor

« Chemin de Croix Vingt Belges (Twenty Belgians) »

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« Chemin de Croix Vingt Belges (Twenty Belgians) »

A series of twenty seven engravings created by Françoise Taylor during 1947-1948, illustrating scenes from Le Morte d'Arthur: a compilation of legendary tales about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table by Thomas Malory, first published in 1485.

'Set A 1-27 Complete' is illustrated. The set was assembled in 2003 by Kenneth and Anthony Taylor. A second set which is labelled 'Set B Full' contains the same 27 pictures and a number of other sets contain some of the pictures but not all. Tone and contrast varies between the pictures; this is how they are—presumably what the artist intended. As with all Françoise Taylor's engravings, the original plates no longer exist.

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